Granite marble and Sangemarmar marble

The Secrets to Type of sangemarmar marble

Type of Sangemarmar Marble is known to be a luxurious and natural stone. It looks stylish and gorgeous. It is used to make different items related to home, office, temple, or decorations. You can use Sangemarmar Marble for interior or exterior designs.
There is a huge demand and use for both marble slabs and Sangemarmar white marble floor tiles in India. Rajasthan is a state rich in marble accumulation. It accounts for the huge production of marble in India. Other states included in marble production are Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh.
The name Sangemarmar Marble is derived from the name Sangemarmar Patthar ( natural stone ). It is known for its stylish or unique look and its pure or organic elements. It is heat-resistant, waterproof, and moisture free. It can stand in extreme weather conditions.

Types of Sangemarmar Marble

Sangemarmar marble is available in different varieties, patterns, and colors. It includes white, yellow, beige, green, black, and brown. Different types of marble are used to create the design. It includes slabs or tiles in various colors, shapes, and sizes.
Some of the important types of Sangemarmar Marble in India include:

White Sangemarmar Marble

The demand and consumption Type of sangemarmar marble white marble stone is high. It makes your home, office, or temple look more extensive.

Use Sangemarmar white Marble floor in bathroom and kitchen countertops, tabletops, and slabs. Due to its sealing properties, it becomes stain-resistant. The color of the White Sangemarmar is evergreen. It never goes out of fashion. This marble is pure radiant. It makes your home or offices look bigger and brighter.

The type of sangemarmar marble will need more maintenance than other types of marble. It is more preferable to other marble. It gives a unique look to your entire decoration. Sangemarmar’s pure white marble price quality and pattern. The normal range of price may vary from 120 to 400 rupees per square foot.

Yellow Sangemarmar Marble

There are varieties of Yellow Sangemarmar marble. It includes gold marble and antique rainforest marble. Besides this, Jaisalmer yellow marble, rainforest gold and Goldie marble, and others. It is used for decoration. It gives an ample and traditional look to your home or office. Sangemarmar white marble floors in your home give you luxurious look.

It is available in different shades and designs. This marble suits all types of flooring. The price of Yellow Sangemarmar marble depends on 70 rupees per square foot.

Brown Sangemarmar Marble

Some of the favorite varieties of Brown Sangemarmar Marble include rainforest, Ambaji, and Torrento. Besides these, fantasy, Ebony suede Armani brown fossil marble, Oasis, Kozo, and Aggariya. This marble is used for making bathroom, kitchen, and table countertops. It is easy to maintain this marble than other light color marble.
This marble is popular in making floors. It contains different lines of colors that are distinct from each other such as white, coral, or gold. They are available in different shades. The price of brown marble depends on its square feet. It ranges from 180 to 250 rupees per square foot.

Beige Sangemarmar Marble

It includes marble such as Katni and Peirato beige marble. It is used to make the floor of rooms and bathrooms. It brings enlightenment to your home that looks elegant. It makes your room warm and gives pleasure to your interior. marble provides plain and printed idols of God statues. This marble is long-lasting. It comes for different types of flooring purposes.

The starting price of Beige marble is about 60 rupees per square foot.

Pink Sangemarmar Marble

There are varieties of pink marble. It includes Udaipur, Banswara classic, Maharani, and Katni Pink marble. This marble is used to make bathroom tiles and countertops. It makes floors of bathrooms, lobbies, or corridors. It is a selective marble. It brings too much color to your space.
The starting price of pink marble is about 30 rupees per square foot.

Green Sangemarmar Marble

Green marble is one of the most popular choices of people. It furnishes your entire house with green beauty. It is a symbol of nature, prosperity, and health. The layers found in green marble are white, golden, ochre, black, or grey which gives a different look.
Green color layers may be darker or lighter than the base of color found. The favorable varieties of green marble are Udaipur, spider, rainforest, emerald, and Kesariaji. The types of marbles available in green marbles are Mint green and Green Onyx.
It represents the sight of an ocean. Botanic green represents the color flora.
The price of green marble starts from 45 to 70 rupees per square foot.

Black Sangemarmar Marble

Black marble is available in black color. It is one of the favorite colors of customers. It never goes out of fashion. It is easy to maintain and care for. It provides pure luxury. The black marble has an interesting collection. Its background is deep, indicating the sign of a bold multi-color layer. It ranges from white, beige, and orange to gold. Some of the types of black marble are Black dune, black marble with a white layer, an enigmatic Ebony black, and so on.

Black Marble is used to making bathrooms and kitchen countertops, cladding, and floors. The price of black marble starts from 50 rupees per square foot.

Blue Sangemarmar Marble

Blue Marble is another choice of the customer. It is a symbol of calmness. You feel calm when you are looking at the clear sky in summer. The types of blue marble include Sky blue marble, which shows a delicate blue surface tone. It brings to your floor the sky itself. Blue calcite and Macauba blue quartzite with bright luminosity provide unique creations. A blue sodalite is an interesting option.
The cost of Black marble starts from 230 rupees per square foot.

Makrana Sangemarmar Marble

It is one of the most popular or finest marbles found in the mines of Makrana. It is a small town in Rajasthan. Examples of monuments are the Taj Mahal and the famous Dilwara Temple. Varieties of marble produced in makrana are Dungri and White makrana marble and so on.
The White Makrana marble price starts at 400 rupees per square foot.


Sangemarmar Marble is one of the popular marbles. It is used for making floors, wall cladding, and decorative items. It is known for its purity and shine. It is also known as White Sangemarmar Pathar. We provide the best quality Sangemarmar products. All are available to our customers at an affordable price. It gives a perfect white color, a shiny look, and beautiful features. We deliver our product to our clients with a guarantee of superior quality. You can get details of our products on our websites.

What are the best types of White Marble in India?

Sangemarmar White Marble is the best marble in India. It is known for its unique look. It is perfect for your home, temple, or office.

The top 10 Indian White Marbles of 2022 are;

Opal white marble
White Sangemarmar Marble
Morwad White Marble
White Statuario Marble
Ambaji White Marble
Makrana Pure White Marble
Dungri Marble
Kumari Marble
Indian White Carrara Marble
Wonder White Marble

Which quality of marble is best in India?

Makrana Marble is the best quality marble. The Taj Mahal or Dilwara Temple has built with Makrana marble.

What is the price of Sangemarmar Marble in India?

The Sangemarmar white Marble cost depends on its quality, size, and design. It may vary in different forms. It is measured in square feet. Different companies offer the product and tiles of Sangemarmar marble in various ranges. We provide all our products related to homes, temples, or offices at an affordable price. So that it will not create any type of burden on their customers. They can buy our products without any hesitation.

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