Sangemarmar Marble White Horse Statue


Brand – Sangemarmar Marble
Color – White
Design – Plain
Material – Sangemarmar Marble
Product – Sangemarmar Marble White Horse Statue
Made in Country – India|
Height – 6 Inch| Weight –  200 Grams| Length – 5 inches

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  • Marble Horse Statue

    Sangemarmar Marble White Horse Statue


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    Sangemarmar Marble Horse Statue

    This marble horse statue is made of white or pure quality Sangemarmar Marble. It comes in various sizes and patterns. It is an excellent work of our artists and expert technicians. All statues are perfectly polished or give a shiny and smooth finish. The brilliant carving of stones gives a perfect shape. It looks stylish and is used for both interior and exterior purposes. It perfectly fulfills the requirements of the customers. Our artist gives a modern look. Special Offer you can check and buy for your home decor items pure Sangemarmar Marble Makrana Design Temple

    The whole structure of the marble horse statue is beautifully made with the shining quality of Sangemarmar Marble. It is made in a standing position. From top to bottom, the statue is well-polished and gives a shiny look. The white horse statue head is quite heavy in proportion to the rest of the body.

    It is built in an upward direction with long ears covered with hairy furs placed diagonally towards the neck from up to down. The back of the horse statues is a kind of link between the rear and the front of the Horse. It is made in proper shape. It helps the rider to keep his weight on his back. It is built in an upward-to-downward style. The front legs are raised upside by bending his knees. The back legs are barrel-shaped that touch the surface. All four hoofs of the horse are painted in a golden color. The hair of the horse statue is thick and coarse. The whole structure of the horse sculpture is beautifully done and gives a perfect look.

    Importance of Sangemarmar Marble White Horse Statue

    The statue is made with high-quality Sangemarmar Marble. Our artist uses great skill and fine techniques to carve stone to give it a brilliant shape. It is a perfect piece for interior and exterior decoration. It comes in various sizes and designs. All structures are beautifully crafted and give both traditional and modern looks. It is made in a standing position with raised heads and both front legs in an upward direction. It shows a perfect look.

    The horse statue for home is posed with both front hooves up in the air. It shows the rider died in battle. Placing a white marble horse statue home decor is a symbol of success and positive energy in your home. It represents wealth and high status. It is useful in both agriculture and battle. Placing the Sangemarmar statue of a horse represents strength, nobility, and power. It makes a strong relationship. It is a symbol of steady money flow into your home or office.

    It is a perfect gift for your guests or family or friends. You can give this statue as a gift item on special occasions such as mother’s day, birthday parties, teacher’s day, farewell parties, valentine’s day, Rakshabandhan, small functions of your home or office parties, friends or relative’s parties, Wedding Ceremonies, Engagement, Anniversary, Reception parties, schools function, karwa Chauth, success parties, cultural or religious occasions, and New year parties while in festive season include Diwali and Christmas eve. It is a fantastic gift for your guests.

    This is a perfect piece for your home or office and surroundings. The whole structure is well-polished and gives a shiny look to your area. It brings happiness, success, and positive energy to your home or office. It comes in different sizes and shapes. The position of the hooves has great importance in your life or home. It is a fantastic creation of our artist.

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