Sangemarmar Marble Sindoor Box


Brand – Sangemarmar Marble
Color – white
Material – Sangemarmar Marble
Product – Sangemarmar Marble Sindoor Box
Made in Country – India
Length- 3 Inch |Height-3Inch | width- 5 Inch|weight- 200 Gram

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  • Sangemarmar Marble Sindoor Box

    Sangemarmar Marble Sindoor Box


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    Handcrafted Sangemarmar Marble Sindoor Box

    This sindoor box with stick is made of pure or organic Sangemarmar marble. It is made by our skilled artisans or designers with their creative thinking and imagination. It turned out to be the best piece of art. It is handmade or painted and decorated with beautiful or shiny gemstones. The sindoor dibbi is Multicolor. for holy places, places of worship, or temples. It is a ritual or a symbol of our culture. The image of Ganesh represents a symbol of spirituality, positivity, wisdom, happiness, divinity, purity, unity, or prosperity. There are two containers inside. One is for roly or chawal and the other is for Diya. It is made of Sangemarmar marble with meenakari work.

    It is especially a useful or perfect gift for housewives. It contains two containers. One is used to hold roly or chawal and the other is used to store data. It is a ritual or a custom. It is made of beautiful stonework or an image of Ganesh.
    The image of Ganesh is a symbol of Wisdom, Understanding, Wisdom, Happiness, and Unity.

    This sindoor ki dibbi is crafted from the finest Sangemarmar marble, this sindoor ka dabba is durable and attractive. It is painted blue and has a meenakari design. Sangemarmar marble is the strongest but the most brittle. So handle it with care. Use it gently with your hands. Clean with a soft cotton cloth or with water. Traditional sindoor box are finally used to store Puja powders such as brass sindoor dani, Haldi, or tilak. The kumkum is essential in Hindu weddings and is used to store the sindoor. It is a must for a Hindu wedding. It is one of the important wedding gifts. Sangemarmar brings a fine collection of marbles. sindoor box online is available in a variety of designs. It can be ideally used in Pooja rooms.

    These silver sindoor dani with stick are sleek and stylish and handcrafted. It is used as a social and religious symbol. This Sindoor box appeared in Puja’s article. It is a favorite among women. Indian women wear a small red sindoor on the hairline above the forehead. It is a sign of marriage. This is the perfect piece for a bridal shower. The Sindoor box is also known as the Sindoor box. It is carefully selected. At Indian weddings, the groom gives a Sindoor or kumkum box to the bride. Sindoor is the red or orange-red colored powder that Hinde Bridge first used in weddings. We have the latest range of Sangemarmar Marble Sindoor Boxes which contain bespoke or handmade products at affordable prices.

    Marble sindoor dani is a symbol of religion and society in Hinduism. It is used on auspicious occasions and after completing daily prayers. Kumkum in Sanskrit is called Kunkuma. It is applied to the forehead between the eyebrows. It is a great way to improve our focus and concentration. Sindoor also plays an important role in Holi. People use Sindoor to celebrate spring or colors. Sindoor is an ingredient that can bring happiness into your life. It creates positive energy in you and your environment. Check Out This Beautiful Marble Turtle Statue for your home and wish to Goodluck Someone.

    Sindoor boxes are available from Sangemarmar in beautifully handcrafted designs in many color combinations and different shapes at affordable prices. So visit our website and get details of all our ranges.

    This is known to be holy material in rituals, events or in festive seasons. It is made by our skilled artisan with the meenakari work of Rajasthan. It is handmade and hand painted with beautiful colors and designs. It is embellished with work of a vessel and shiny stones makes the area of worship or temple moreIts traditional or antique look makes it one of the important pieces of art. traditional.

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