Sangemarmar Marble Pedestal Stand


Brand – Sangemarmar Marble
Color – White
Material – Sangemarmar Marble
Product – Sangemarmar Marble Stand and Pedestal
Made in Country – India
Length-  3.5 feet|Height- 2f eet| width- feet|weight-20 kg

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  • Sangemarmar Marble Pedestal Stand

    Sangemarmar Marble Pedestal Stand


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    Sangemarmar Marble Pedestal Stand For Statues

    This 4 Leg Sangemarmar Marble Pedestal Stand is made of pure or organic quality Sangemarmar marble. It comes in many designs and patterns. It is mainly used for indoor and outdoor purposes. It was constructed from finely carved stone by our skilled artists and professional technicians. It gives it a creative look. The top is well-designed with fresh flowers. All structures are shown in white. With beautiful designs and patterns, it gives a shiny look.

    The Sangemarmar statue pedestal is Beautifully designed overall with a cylindrical support base for vases, statues, and other marble objects. It comes in different shapes such as square, round or octagonal. You can put it in one or more columns. Sangemarmar marble plinth built to scale. The base is wide and solid to support the sculpture. It is famous for its statues. Our artisans gave it a classic look and polished it to shine forever.

    It is a nice product to decorate your home, office, school, hospital, corporate office, hotel, restaurant, and garden. It can improve the aesthetics of your house, office, business, hospital, school, guest house, restaurant, or garden. You can place it in your living room, children’s room, bedroom, dining table, near temples, table tops, hall, gallery, wall shelf, office, balcony, garden, or on a shelf. You can put it on your desk, a yard, or a shed at work. You can put it in the staff rooms, classrooms, and offices at your school.

    It makes your home, office, and other workplaces more beautiful. What Marble Means Sangemarmar Marble Pedestal. This Sangemarmar Marble Pedestal or Column is made from premium quality Sangemarmar Marble. It is fully sculpted and designed using the creative artistry and advanced techniques of our craftsmen. It is beautifully designed with various carvings such as flowers, animal figures, deities, and landscapes. is used to place deity decorations. It can be used as a showroom item. It is available in white or meenakari patterns. It creates an attractive look in your home or other workplaces.

    Sangemarmar Marble Pedestal for supporting statues or other decorative items. It can come in different shapes and sizes. The height, width, and length of the plinth are determined by its shape and size. Compression elements provide powerful loads for statues or other objects. is non-corrosive and can display stand extreme weather conditions. It’s persistent. It has simple and decorative shapes. It varies in size, from thin to thick, small to large. Check out this beautiful Sangemarmar Marble Water Fountain for your home decor, etc.

    Sangemarmar marble pillar stand are available in a variety of sizes and designs. All rooms are in pure white Sangemarmar marble, made with innovative techniques. Our craftsmen have designed this marble pedestal stand for statue with beautiful carvings. It has been carefully polished to a shiny finish and looks like a wonderful work of art.

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