Sangemarmar Marble Meenakari Hookah


Brand – Sangemarmar Marble
Color – Multicolor
Design – Meenakari Design
Material – Sangemarmar Marble
Product – Sangemarmar Marble Meenakari Hookah
Made in Country – India
|Length- 10 inch |Height-10 Inch | width- 4 Inch|weight- 400 Gram

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  • Sangemarmar Marble Meenakari Hookah

    Sangemarmar Marble Meenakari Hookah


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    Product Name Hookah is made from pure or organic Sangemarmar Marble Meenakari Hookah. It is completely handmade. Its general structure is in beautifully cut and polished stone. It is decorated with meenakari work.

    Our craftsmen have shown great creativity and imagination to make this product unique.

    They give the product a traditional look. The Sangemarmar Marble Meenakari Hookah is made with cutting-edge innovative technology and is a work of art at its finest.

    All structures are carefully designed by our artists. The entire hookah has a shiny golden appearance. The upper half is designed with gold foil and the small pearls are sparkling.

    This separates the hot charcoal from the tobacco.

    The bowl on the top of the hookah, used to hold the tobacco, looks good. The third part of the hookah is the eyelet of the liner, which is perfectly designed from the outside and looks golden. This secures the hookah bowl to the stem for an airtight seal.

    Next comes the valve stem.

    Our craftsmen endow the upper with a beautiful pattern. It is the main part of the hookah that directs the smoke into the vase. Stems vary in height and style. The pipe hole is used to close the hookah pipe for airtightness and to inhale filtered smoke from the vase.

    Nicely decorated.

    The last part of the hookah is a vase. Our craftsmen create a unique vase structure with a gold finish. It is the basis of hookah. It keeps the water cool and filters the vapors before transferring them to the pipe.

    Sangemarmar marble hookah is beautifully designed with a golden look and decorated with meenakari works like flowers and beads.

    All parts of the hookah make the whole part of hookah look shiny. It is a perfect decorative piece for your home or office. It brings an elegant and luxurious look to your home or office. You can place it anywhere except in the kitchen and bathroom. This is a carefully selected item.

    Sangemarmar Marble Hookah Home or Office Uses

    hookah is a hookah used for smoking different flavors like apple, cherry, chocolate, coconut, mint, or coffee.

    It is usually large and connected to a water chamber, a tobacco chamber, and pipes to allow suction. The word hookah comes from the Arabic word Haqqa, which means hollow, hollow pot. It’s part of our culture. It is a symbol of trust. Between two people and parties due to sharing your home or office.

    We supply pure Sangemarmar marble hookahs.

    It is well polished and fully adorned with meenakari work using shiny gemstones and pearls to give it a golden look. This product is available in different sizes and designs, from small to large. You can get more details and buy this product at an affordable price from our website.

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