Sangemarmar Marble Meenakari Design Peacock Statue


Brand – Sangemarmar Marble|Color – Multicolor
Design – Meenakari Design
Material – Sangemarmar Marble
Product – Sangemarmar Marble Meenakari Design Peacock Statue
Made in the country – India
| Length-  4 feet|Height- 4 feet| width- 3 feet|weight- 4 kg


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  • Marble Peacock Sculpture

    Sangemarmar Marble Meenakari Design Peacock Statue


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    Sangemarmar Marble Peacock Sculpture For Home Decor

    This product is made of pure or organic Sangemarmar marble. It is completely handmade. Some decorative peacock statue are fully meenakari work. Both are recessed square columns Marble Peacock Sculpture decorated with meenakari work. It is available in a variety of colors that give this product a unique look.

    Our craftsmen give this product a traditional and cultural aspect. It is made from beautiful and detailed stones with the latest technology and exquisite workmanship. A pair of peacock murti face in opposite directions. It shows the perfect craftsmanship of our craftsmen. It felt like real peace.

    All peacock sculptures are very large. A pair of large, colorful peacocks give critics a stunning look. It is designed as a seated position on a square pillar. All structures are decorated with meenakari designs. The collar is decorated with cyan.

    At the same time, the bodies of the two peacocks are covered with golden strokes that make them sparkle. He has a long tail designed with red, gold, and green features to impress. It’s an eye. These features change color depending on the light and angle. The spring structure is made according to the spacing, and the integrated structure in the element reflects the different appearance.

    The columns are painted in gold and decorated with characteristic images in green and red. The entire structure of peacocks and columns is made of pure Sangemarmar marble. You can buy it as a peacock decorative items gift for occasions like birthday parties, home or office, in different sizes and designs. You can buy according to your preferences. Hookah prices vary for each size and model.

    Marble Peacock Sculpture

    You can get all types of products at reasonable prices. This product is made of high-quality Sangemarmar Marble. It is completely handmade. It is done in a seated position. Two Meenakari Design Peacock faces facing each other. Both are beautifully designed in multiple colors and adorned with meenakari work. It has been carefully polished to present a traditional yet modern look. Our craftsman used his great artistic talent and technique to make this product unique.

    The color combination used in this product makes it look fantastic. Sangemarmar Peacock pure marble is considered an auspicious product. It is one of the most beautiful birds. It is associated with wealth, learning, and wisdom. Placing a Sangemarmar Marble Peacock Statue designed by Meenakari can eliminate all blemishes in your home.

    It will bring happiness to your married life. It brings love and peace into your home and removes any negative energy from your home or office. It helps to improve the financial situation of your home or office. It will bring prosperity and success to your business. It is considered more beneficial a peacock statue at home or office. We present a pair of Meenakari Design Peacocks in purely natural or natural Sangemarmar marble. You can check, the white marble peacock statue also.

    It comes in different patterns and designs. Some are in pure white Sangemarmar marble. Some rooms are colorfully decorated with Meenakari crafts. All types of products are available on our site. You can see our variety and range of products. All products have a unique finish, bringing an elegant and luxurious look to your home, office, or workplace.

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