Sangemarmar Marble Laughing Buddha


Brand – Sartaaj Sangemarmar
Color – White
Design – plain
Material – Sangemarmar Marble
Product – Sangemarmar Marble Laughing Buddha
Length- 7 inches |Height -8 iches| width- 9 inches |weight–350 grams
Made in Country – India


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  • Marble Laughing Buddha Statue

    Sangemarmar Marble Laughing Buddha


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    Sangemarmar Marble Laughing Buddha Statue

    The Sangemarmar Marble laughing buddha statue for home vastu is made of pure or organic Sangemarmar marble. The ceramic laughing buddha is built by hand. It’s white color. This statue of Sangemarmar is crafted with carved stones. Our craftsmen used the finest marble quilts and the latest techniques to construct this statue. In this statue, the Buddha is seated on a block of old with a smile on his face.

    He holds a pearl in his right hand which brings wealth and prosperity. The white laughing buddha is depicted in a seated position with his left hand resting on his thigh in an upward posture indicating auspiciousness. He wears earplugs and a pearl necklace around his neck. It brings luck, contentment, and prosperity to life.

    The large laughing buddha statue is made of pure Sangemarmar marble by our experienced craftsmen. It sands well with White Sangemarmar powder. We offer a wide range of decorations in natural or natural Sangemarmar marble. All products are designed and adorned with gemstones, pearls, or beads in different colors. This gives our products a traditional and cultural look.

    This laughing buddha big size with price is completely handmade by skilled and experienced artisans who use innovative techniques and creative thinking to give the product an elegant look. It is about our culture and our traditions. ceramic laughing buddha big size are seated posture is built in the bushes. The Marble Laughing Buddha is usually depicted as a heavy, laughing bald man with an open belly and a happy smile on his face, which makes this product beautiful.

    He is a monk who represents the practice. The right-hand holds the pearl, which symbolizes the pearl of wisdom. It will bring wealth and prosperity into your life, and the upward position of the other left hand on the left thigh represents good luck and contentment. The white marble laughing buddha for home is known for its happiness, wealth, and contentment.

    His appearance is that of a monk. Her belly and smiling face matter. His statue is a symbol of happiness. It brings luck and positive energy. It saves you from all the troubles related to any reason in life. Placing a big laughing buddha Statue in your home can bring a balance of thought and peace. It protects you from all negativity. We offer you the best quality products in pure or natural Indian marble statues. Our skilled craftsmen use high-quality Sangemarmar marble. You can Buy also Marble Horse Statue for Home Decor

    It is known for its shine and long wear. All products made from it add a beautiful appearance to your area and surroundings. sangemarmar marble products are available on our website with details and prices according to customers’ needs and preferences.

    1. The Sangemarmar statue of Laughing Buddha is made with pure or organic Sangemarmar Marble.
    2. It is the best creation of art. It is completely built by hand. It is white.
    3. This Sangemarmar statue is beautifully designed with finely carved stones.
    4. Our artisan used the best quilt of marble and the latest technology to build this statue.
    5. On this statue lord buddha with his smiley face sits on a nugget.
    6. He holds beads in his right hand that bring wealth and prosperity.

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