Sangemarmar Marble Hanuman Ji


Brand – Sangemarmar Marble
Color – Off white
Material – Sangemarmar Marble
Product -Sangemarmar Marble Hanuman Ji
Made in Country – India
Height – 3 inch
Weight – 350 gm
Length – 3.5 inch

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  • Marble Hanuman Statue

    Sangemarmar Marble Hanuman Ji


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    Sangemarmar Marble Hanuman Statue Online

    Pure or natural Sangemarmar marble is used to make Marble Hanuman Statue. It measures 7 inches long, weighs 200 grams, and is completely handmade. Our artisans use their artistry and fantastic ideas to make it beautiful. Mahadeva Shiva is believed to have taken the form of Pawan Putra Hanuman. It is built in a seated position on a flat surface.

    Its construction is with the knee of the left leg touching the surface and the foot of the right leg bent to the side of the knee and touching the surface. He holds a stick (a thick stick) in his left hand and raises his right hand in blessing. Our craftsmen give her crown and all the ornaments a golden look. He has a tail and wears a white robe (part of the national dress) with gold embroidery.

    Hanuman Murti Marble is made of the finest quality Hanuman Sangemarmar White Marble using advanced and latest carving techniques and tools. The white hanuman polish on the statue is shiny and outstanding. We provide quality products based on customer requirements at affordable hanuman ji ki murti prices.

    hanuman ji ki murti marble is made of pure handmade or natural Sangemarmar marble. It’s white. The neck and legs of this product are adorned with gold ornaments, the left hand holds a stick (thick and heavy stick), the head wears a white gold crown, and the head wears a gold phase embroidered scarf.

    All charms are designed in gold color with small red gemstones. All this gives the statue a traditional and cultural look. It is known to be a sacred statue. Beautiful design and creative activities make this product unique. You can take a look at the marble Hanuman statue and then buy it as your home decoration.

    It is a nice piece to decorate your home, office, school, hospital, corporate office, hotel, restaurant, and garden. It can keep your home or office, school, hospital, corporate office, hotel, restaurant, or garden looking beautiful. You can place it in your temple, living room, dining table, children’s room, bedroom, tabletop, hall, gallery, wall shelf, office, balcony, garden, or home shelf. You can use the hanuman ji ki murti marble in your office, you can place it in your office temple, workbench, garden, or cubicle. In your school, you can place it in offices, staff rooms, and classrooms. It adds an antique or traditional look to your home.

    hanuman murti represents purity, devotion, total surrender, and lack of ego and self-confidence. He is considered superhuman, human, intellectual, undead, orc, and a flying man. hanuman ji ki murti price worship helps to get rid of all negative energies and restore peace, purity, happiness, and contentment. He is considered a protector. You put the Hanuman statue marble in your house to save your house from evil. The position of the blessing on his hand shows the peace and harmony of the family.

    Placing the figurine in a child’s room can attract attention. The statue of Hanuman Samgemarmar is auspicious. You can post any area of ​​your home or office and other workplaces. Buy Sangemarmar Marble Buddha Sculpture now, you can view and buy it for home decoration.

    This is a gorgeous piece for decoration in your home, Sangemarmar Marble Hanuman Ji white polish on the statue looks shiny, bright, and outstanding. We provide quality-based products as per customers’ needs at an affordable hanuman ji ki murti price.
    Dimensions 3.5 × 3 cm

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