Sangemarmar Marble Ghar Mandir


Brand – Sangemarmar Marble
Color – White
Material – Sangemarmar Marble
Product – Sangemarmar Marble  Ghar  Mandir
Made in Country – India
Height – 2.5| Weight – 6kg
| Length – 2.5 Foot | Height -3 Foot


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  • Sangemarmar Marble Puja Ghar

    Sangemarmar Marble Ghar Mandir


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    Is it good to keep Sangemarmar Marble Puja Ghar?

    This Pooja Sangmarmar Ka Mandir statue has built of pure or raw Sangemarmar marble. It has built by skilled and experienced craftsmen from excellent worked stones. So that each white marble mandir design is visible. Marble Puja Ghar is a Creative idea. It is a wonderful imagination. It gave this temple stonework a traditional and beautiful look. He is well-polished. It’s white.

    Our artist has handcrafted a triangular pattern on the top of the temple with a mesh pattern exactly below. Then our artist again builds a mesh simple marble mandir design with an entrance. There are two pillars in front. This white marble mandir square. This is quite an ordinary marble pooja mandir. The surface of the Mandir is pure white Sangemarmar marble. The whole structure of the mandir gives a unique look.

    Advantages of Sangemarmar Mandir White House

    This Pooja Mandir has built of pure or high-quality Sangemarmar marble for home. It is a simple but unique decoration for your pooja mandir at home. It is one of the most beautiful artistic creations. It has built of great carved stone which gives a wonderful pooja room marble design to this temple.

    Make a triangle above and a mesh below with an ohm in the middle of the top. Below is a large space for an idol of God or Goddess. It contains beautiful column designs on both sides. All structures have been designed to add an elegant look to your puja mandir for home.

    Temples have been places of worship in Indian culture for many years. Placing or building a temple in your home can fill your home with positivity and peace. It is an auspicious thing. A marble temple in your home enhances the beauty of your home and makes it look luxurious. You can decorate it with Diyas and lights.

    It is an ideal place to worship the gods and goddesses. You can also place mattresses and cushions for prayer and seating in the worship hall. All our products have constructed with high-quality Sangemarmar marble. They vary in size and shape. It can be plain or decorated with colors and ornaments. Each product has its characteristics. Our artists make each product look beautiful and antique.

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