Sangemarmar Marble Lantern Lamp


Brand – Sartaaj Sangemarmar Marble
Color – Multicolor
Design – Meenakari design
Material – Sangemarmar Marble
Product – Sangemarmar Marble Lantern Lamp
Length- 12 inches |width- 6 inches |weight– 350 grams
Made in Country – India

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  • Marble Table Lamps For Living Room

    Sangemarmar Marble Lantern Lamp


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    The Marble Table Lamps For Living Room

    This hand-painted lantern is made of pure, organic, or natural Sangemarmar marble. It is completely handmade or hand painted. It is designed by our professional designers with creative ideas and beautiful images. It makes her look beautiful and dreamy. The Marble Table Lamps For Living Room is a decorative and practical work of art.

    is used for home or office decoration. The combination of colors and embellishment work of gemstones or beads and beautiful patterns make it look stunning. It is a symbol of traditional or ancient works of art. It is a sign of purity, strength, or eternity. At home, you can place it in the table lamp marble for the bedroom, living room, tabletop, chair, hall, gallery, study table, white marble lamp table, wall shelf, bookcase, or living room. In your office, workbench, or cubicle. It enhances your home decor brass and marble lamp and office decoration.

    It is a standard item with fine ornament or a traditional look, made of pure Sangemarmar marble, and can become an antique piece in your home or office. It is a hand-crafted or hand-painted lantern vintage marble table lamp. It is decorated with intricate designs, traditional colors, painted gold, and embellished with precious stones or solid gold.

    Handmade marble lantern in natural or organic Sangemarmar marble. It is hand-painted and decorated with precious stones or gold ornaments. Painted in five colors, especially the use of golden colors, it is like a handmade lantern in a paradise. Our designers and workers endow traditional or elegant looks with their special creativity and powerful imagination. It is a work of art at its best. They worked hard to make it beautiful.

    Buy a White Marble Lamp Table

    You can attach a light bulb to light it up. It makes it more beautiful. This beautiful Sangemarmar lantern is crafted from solid white marble and hand-painted using relief, enamel, or stonework. This decorative lamp adds a traditional and elegant look to your living space. This lantern is a great light source to darken your home at night. The beauty or elegance of this beautiful and unique lamp creates an attraction for all your guests. You Can Also Buy Marble Table Clock

    This Sangemarmar lantern features marble and hand-painted gold finishes inlaid throughout to give it an antique look. You can hang it on the wall or use it on the table lamp for bedroom. This white marble lamp comes with a home decor lamps attachment where the bulb is placed inside. Feeding arrangements are also available. He is a perfect craftsman. It showcases their best creativity through this piece of art. Sleek construction includes hand-cut and sculpted Sangemarmar shapes.

    It is very beautiful and very suitable for decorating your home or office. The lantern can be wiped with a soft, clean cloth. The material of the lantern is pure white Sangemarmar marble and the art is decorated with clear or golden Rajasthani Meenakari paintings. is the best artistic creation. This is a hand-picked lantern. By removing the glass screen, YouTube was able to place battery-powered LEDs inside the lantern. Thanks to its flexible size, it can be placed anywhere.

    Dimensions 12 × 6 × 10 cm

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