Sangemarmar Marble Elephant Statue


Brand – Sartaaj Sangemarmar
Color – white and blue
Design – Meenakari design with multicolur
Material – Sangemarmar Marble
Product – Sangemarmar Marble Elephant Statue
Length- 10inches |Height -8 iches| width- 4 inches |weight– 300 grams
Made in Country – India


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  • Sangemarmar Marble Elephant Statue

    Sangemarmar Marble Elephant Statue


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    Sangemarmar Marble Elephant Statue

    The Sangemarmar Marble Elephant Statue exhibit holds an important place in Hinduism. It is a symbol of strength, unity, and power. You can use it as home decoration. According to Indian mythology, it should be placed near the facade or main entrance of a house or office. The best orientation to place this statue is to the North. Placing it in the north direction can bring positive energy and better luck to the home or office.

    The work of art is the center of attention in its place. This beautiful classic presentation piece is a specially handcrafted item by experienced and skilled professionals. A  White marble elephant statue in your office or home can enhance your strength, knowledge, and success in life. You can place Bloodmarmar statues on either side of the door. It brings happiness, blessings, prosperity, and positive energy to your home and family.

    PROMO SET – Set of 2 Sangemarma Elephant displays, available in assorted colors.

    marble idols online are revered in Indian and Eastern cultures. It is a symbol of positivity, prosperity, success, and happiness. elephant sculptures are also revered for their strength and wisdom. It is very auspicious to have a Sangemarmar elephant statue for home or office. It brings positive energy to your life or workspace. It represents supremacy, potential, and humility.

    Comes in a 2-pack with high-quality, standard-sized Sangemarmar elephants

    It is available in a variety of colors. Both are in a standing position. The statue is completely handcrafted and made in India. The materials used are properly designed and printed in India. All of these characters will bring happiness and unity to your family and environment. He acts as a savior and protector. You can place the statue in front of your door and it is said to bring good luck. protects your home from all evil or negative energies.

    Placing the figure on a workbench helps improve focus, and concentration and helps with stress. It makes your bond stronger and strengthens the bond between parent and child. It allows you to succeed in all areas of your life. The elephant murti is a symbol of strength, flexibility, courage, harmony, peace, love, and protection. It is auspicious to have a Sangemarmar elephant statue in your home.

    The face of the elephant statue for home entrance in the right direction and in the right place brings luck, happiness, and protection. It removes all problems and obstacles in your life. It can help you progress. The color, position, and orientation of the elephant idol play an important role in your wishes and problems. It gives you an edge in all life situations.

    Sangemarmar marble elephant pair in different colors have their own merits. Even an elephant handicraft trunk has several meanings. Placing an elephant statue with its trunk down represents peace and serenity. If placed with the stone elephant statue India trunk facing up or raised, it brings energy, prosperity, and luck. A statue of a Sangmar elephant with a protruding trunk happily welcomes guests and friends. You can Buy also Marble Pooja Thali.

    The stone elephant statue is used as a symbol of success and professional growth. It represents authority, knowledge, and power. Placing the elephant decor statue at the office door will bring enough power and success. It shields you from all the negativity that surrounds you and helps you achieve success in life.

    This beautiful and classic showpiece is a specially handmade item made by experienced and skilled Professionals. The face of the elephant in the right direction and places brings good luck, happiness and protection. Represents authority, knowledge and strength.

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