Sangemarmar Marble Pendant Watch


Brand – Sangemarmar Marble
Color – Silver
Shape – Round
Material – Sangemarmar Marble
Product – Sangemarmar Marble Pendant Watch
Size: Small Size
Made in Country – India
|Length- 1 Inch |Height-1 Inch | width-2.5 |weight- 20 Gram


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  • Sangemarmar Marble Pendant Watch

    Sangemarmar Marble Pendant Watch


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    The Sangemarmar Marble Pendant Watch product is made from high-quality pure natural Sangemarmar Marble. It is completely handmade. It is hand painted in gold and looks beautiful. It is available in different designs, shapes, and sizes of pendants. Our craftsmen use creative skills and wonderful imagination to produce such marvelous pieces. It’s round. The stones are finely carved to show a perfect circle. A chain can be hung anywhere in the house.

    This is one of the most common types of women’s pendant watches. The fantastic design of the pendant bracelet is impressive. It is composed of a round Sangemarmar marble pendant. You get a lot of power in link styles. This includes hour, minute, or second hands. It is carved from solid stone by our skilled craftsmen for a unique look. It is also known for its hand-picked or pocket watch pendant Comes with a chain in assorted colors. This pendant watches for ladies makes it comfortable to carry anywhere or around your home or office. You can customize the channel according to your choice. Our artist gave it a golden look. Perfect for decorating your home or office. Shop Home Decor, where you can view and buy home decor.

    This Marble pendant watch is made of high-quality Sangemarmar marble. It is completely handmade. It is constructed of beautifully carved Sangemarmar stone. Our artisans shaped it into a round shape with a golden look. This is a pocket or hand-picked watch. A chain is attached to it. You can customize it according to your needs. You can take it with you and place it anywhere. Not only does it represent the time, but it is also used for decoration and gifts. Shop Home Decor, where you can view and buy home decor.

    Add style to your home with this clock that can be carried in your pocket and pulled by the chain through the eyelet. This is a watch built to last. It has the latest designs and patterns. Our artist did a great job giving it an antique look. Sangemarmar marble digital pendant watch are available in different designs and sizes. Either in simple or decorative form. You can buy according to your choice. You can Buy Sangemarmar Marble Stationery Organizer Stand For Home Decor Items. It can be placed in your pocket, waist, on your desk or desk, or you can carry it against the wall. It is a perfect and economical product.

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