Agarbatti stand


Brand – Sangemarmar Marble
Color – White
Material – Sangemarmar Marble
Product -Sangemarmar Marble Agarbatti stand
Made in Country – India
Length-  2 cm
Height- 15 cm
width- 2.5 cm
weight -250 gram

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  • sangemarmar marble agarbatti stand

    Agarbatti stand


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    About Sangemarmar Marble Agarbatti Stand

    The Agarbatti stand is made up of pure or organic Sangemarmar Marble. It contains the holder or stands for Agarbatti. A very attractive, ethnic, Antique, or traditional style. The artistic creation or beautiful designs built by our expert designers and artisans make it a more delightful and gorgeous look. It is made from natural or pure Sangemarmar Marble and shows it as the finest piece of art.

    You can use it as a home decoration such as in your bedroom, child’s room, dining table, living room, temple, gallery, hall, on the tabletop, stool, Wall shelf, Book Shelf, and study table. In your office decoration, in your working table or cabin, or some other workplace. It increases the beauty of your home, office, or surroundings. 

    It can be used as a marble decorative item, or gift item on particular occasions such as birthday parties, mother’s day, father’s day, valentine’s day, thanksgiving, home or office parties, friends or relatives parties, in some religious ceremonies, new year gifts, Wedding gifts, Anniversary gifts, Reception parties. Some special festivals such as Diwali, Christmas eve, Raksha Bandhan, and Karwa Chauth, fill your home, office, or your surroundings with fresh and fragrance smoke.

    This Incense Holder is electric shockproof. It is safe and doesn’t burn the kids. It is used daily in temples or homes. This stand is made with pure Sangemarmar Marble. It is eco-friendly. The Incense Burner is handcrafted with a traditional design. This stick is available in various designs or sizes. It is mainly designed to hold more agarbatti; at least 6 holes are given in this stand.

    Sangemarmar Marble Handicraft Agarbatti Stand

    Sangemarmar Marble-based Agarbatti holders illuminate your home, office, or your surroundings. It shows the best creations of the artist and gives a stylish look to the decoration. Decorate your home and office with this elegant Agarbatti holder. It is an admirable piece of art. It is used in various religious occasions and festive seasons. This Sangemarmar Marble dhoop batti stand is used for home or office decoration as well as the perfect gift for your guests.

    It enhances your home, office, or your surrounding beauty with awesome fragrance smoke and makes your nearby environment fresh. In your home, you can use it as a decorative item in your bedroom, tabletop, home temple, living room, dining table, Wall shelf, book shelf, study table, stool, hall, gallery, and kitchen. In your office, You can decorate your working table with a Sangemarmar marble agarbatti stand or you can place it anywhere in your cabin to enhance the beauty of your room. It gives a fantastic look to your room. 

    This dhoop stand is present as a perfect gift for your guest. You can present it on a special occasion, day, or festive seasons such as a birthday gift, teacher’s day, mother’s day, father’s day, valentine’s gift, new year gift, Wedding ceremonies, Engagement party, Reception party, farewell party, some religious occasions, Raksha Bandhan or Karwa Chauth, home, office or friends or relative parties, welcome home party. Some festive seasons include Diwali, Christmas Eve, or temple decoration

    The Sangemarmar marble-made agarbatti holder is strong and durable. It is designed with a lotus. It is used to enhance the beauty of your temple or worship area. Lotus is a symbol of culture. It is a sacred flower. Lotus is a symbol of purity, rebirth, and strength. It is a symbol of the Divine. It indicates the country’s arts, culture, philosophy, and religion.

    It is used for more than one Agarbatti. There are at least 6 holes in the incense stick holder and an ash catcher is given for the ashes. It prevents the ashes from falling outside. It makes your area clean. 

    Agarbatti is not only used for worship or to spread its fragrance smoke in your surroundings. It helps to relieve stress and feel calm with necessary oils, Aroma diffusers, and more. It leaves our home, temples, or office with a calm and fresh feeling, It is an important part of daily puja in Indian culture. It burnt before prayers for purifying the air and creating a divine atmosphere around you.

    agarbatti holder with ash catcher is handmade with Sangemarmar Marble used for the temple, religious puja, home, or office. It is a natural and Eco- friendly product. You can place it anywhere in your home or office. It is also used for decorations. It looks gorgeous. You can hold more than one stick with at least 6 sticks in your stand. It spread its fragrance smoke. It protects you from fire and due to its ash catcher, it makes your area or surrounding clean. It is built with beautiful or shiny Sangemarmar stone which makes it look incredible.

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