About Sartaaj Sangemarmar Art Gallery

Sartaaj Sangemarmar of India provides your finest stone qualities, 100% pure and available in different colors and quantities. We provide organic products with a wide range from small to large size for all uses such as use it as a gift item, for home and office decoration, making tiles and small to large home items. All varieties of Sangemarmar are available in pure forms. We have interior designers. They can help you in any every field and solve all your queries regarding our services. We provide high quality products and a variety of colors and designs as per your needs. Our all products will be pure and organic.

Why are we distinct from others?

We are distinct from each other for some reasons. It include:


Expert teams

We provide you with the best interior designers and experts to cover all your queries for our products, vatities and purity. .

Supreme Quality

We provide you with the best quality handmade Sangemarmar Marble product. It includes products related to home or office and gift items.

Provide items on Favorable Budget

We provide all items of Sangemarmar Marble ranging from small to large with 100% pure and organic as per your needs and demands.

Prime collection

We provide you with the finest collection of Sangemarmar items and its varieties with 100% purity and organic.

Leading Members

Founder Piyush Bhalla

Piyush Bhalla, founder of Sartaaj Sangemarmar. He is a renowned person. He is known for his great knowledge and strong skill. He established businesses and organizations. He targets the mission and vision of a company. He has a great business plan. He makes the company’ s business model, market, and analyzes the product and services provided by his company. He has a great market and sales strategy. He has specific product ideas or services according to customer choice. He cooperates with his company’s employees and team members and helps them to provide the best service to their customers. He has good experience in supervising the relationship between the board and the company. He executes the team that supervises the critical aspects of the business, supporting staff and employees for product execution and its delivery to the customer on time. His main role is to give the best service to his customers.

CEO Jaswant Singh

Jaswant Singh, CEO of Sartaaj Sangemarmar. He is a strong and dedicated person of this company. He is a creative person. He manages media, attending industry and community events on behalf of his company. He is known as Chief Operating Officer. He manages all his team and its execution operations. He is making decisions for the company and its customers. He makes suitable strategic plans for his company and its performances to achieve the target on time. He works as a guidance for the business. His work is to see company performance and support its team to achieve their goals. He is a person with great strengths, best strategic for business and special startups. He focuses on all work from the beginning of the stages. He has a soft and calm nature. He can handle everything patiently. He is a very supportive person. He supports his team in every field to meet the customer demands on time. He has innovative ideas, good spirits and always motivates his team to perform well and achieve its goal properly.

Sartaaj Sangemarmar has been a leader in the marble’s industry. It has manufactured its product for many years. We offer products that will remain for a long time. We offer high quality, purity guarantee, beauty as well as organic. Founder of Sartaaj Sangemarmar, Piyush Bhalla and CEO Jaswant Singh. We have 24,000 laborers and 700 interior designers. They cooperate with their clients in every field and maintain good relations with clients. Our team is always available to give you the best work. Our experts help you to clear your queries related to products and its details.


Our Infrastructure

Sartaaj Sangemarmar Marble is one of the popular Marble Companies established in 1968. We have been online since the last year 2021 in September. Our finest Marble products range from small items to large and are available in different varieties and colors. Our Trading is located in cities including Jabalpur, Patna, Gujarat, and Rajasthan. Our company is the proprietor. Our products are famous for their purity, organic and natural quality. We are providing a wide variety of products all over the country.

Our Location

Sartaaj Sangemarmar Marble stores are located in NSP (National Scholarship portal) and Dwarka. We are always available to deliver your products on time. We deliver our products to almost every state of India including Maharashtra, Delhi, Punjab and Gujarat.

Please contact us for any query related to our products. Our team and experts are always available to give you all information about your queries.

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